Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Trailers & Video Clips (8 videos) Please Install Flash NOW: Buzz up!Video TitleTimeHDDescriptionAdded1'' Teaser Trailer2:01 all sizes:480p720p1080pMar 22, 20102"Run"1:00 all sizes:480p720p1080pRoyce (Adrien Brody) and the gang flee from their alien tormentors.Jul 6, 20103"Who Are You"1:01 all sizes:480p720p1080pNoland (Laurence Fishburne) makes a surprise visit.Jul 6, 20104"Please Stop"1:01 all sizes:480p720p1080pRoyce (Adrien Brody) tries to figure out what's going on.Jul 6, 20105"We are the Game"0:59 all sizes:480p720p1080pRoyce (Adrien Brody) tells the group what he thinks is going on.Jul 6, 20106"DVD Featurette: Creatures"1:03The filmmakers talk about creating alien dogs.Oct 18, 20107"Sneak Peek"1:57 all sizes:480p720pMar 19, 20108"Hanzo"1:01 all sizes:480p720p1080pProducer Robert Rodriguez talks about the movie character Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Changchien).Jul 6, 2010 Get Showtimes & TicketsRunning Time: 1 hr. 47 min.Release Date: July 9, 2010MPAA Rating: R for strong creature violence and gore, and pervasive language.More Movie Info
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