Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Trailers & Video Clips (10 videos) Please Install Flash NOW: Buzz up!Video TitleTimeHDDescriptionAdded1'' Theatrical Trailer2:22 all sizes:480p720p1080pNov 13, 20092'' Teaser Trailer1:58 all sizes:480p720p1080pMay 2, 20093"Tenderness"1:20 all sizes:480p720p1080pA mother walrus and her baby go swimming in the Arctic waters together.Apr 22, 20104"Fish Frenzy"0:45A giant school of fish is assaulted from above and below.Apr 22, 20105"Great Big Ocean"0:38 all sizes:480p720pScientists talk about the importance of .Oct 18, 20106"Penguins"0:51Penguins swimming!Apr 15, 20107"Otters"1:10See an otter open a mollusk with a rock.Apr 19, 20108"Crab vs Shrimp"1:01Watch a shrimp and a crab duke it out.Apr 20, 20109"Storm"1:34See some spectacular footage of a sea storm.Apr 15, 201010"The Essence of the Sea"2:31 all sizes:480p720p1080pOceanographer Sylvia Earle discusses the unseen wonders that live in our .Apr 6, 2010 Get Showtimes & TicketsRunning Time: 1 hr. 40 min.Release Date: April 22, 2010MPAA Rating: GMore Movie Info
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